A necessary word about events conducted at abortion centers:

Children Deserve Birth (CDB) encourages sidewalk outreach at abortion centers, however, the intent of the outreach endorsed by CDB is about trying to save a child from certain death and his/her parents from certain harm, one family at a time, it is not about trying to close down an abortion center or to end abortion. (An exception would be the type of prayer vigil conducted according to the method of Monsignor Philip Reilly's Helpers of God's Precious Infants.)

The various other street activities, which are also very important forms of pro-life activism, can be easily and more effectively conducted on any street in the nation seven days a week. They need not be conducted at abortion centers to be effective. In fact they can be even more effective when locations are continually changed to reach even more people (literature exposing Planned Parenthood’s dirty business can be handed out to many passersby and signs can expose them as well). There is much missionary work available at places other than abortion centers. There are many pro-abortion people available to evangelize on any street in the nation. These other forms of activities do not compliment sidewalk counseling, which CDB believes should take precedence over all other activities outside abortion centers. Passersby may have a lot of life remaining ahead of them, but for the child that is being brought there to be slaughtered, it’s a matter of life and death right there and then and that child’s parents are facing dire consequences right there and then.

Therefore, when authentic outreach to parents contemplating or planning abortion is intended, CDB is opposed to the use of signs and images including on one's clothing.

The following resources are recommended for current and potential pro-life activists to peruse and reflect over: