Because some visitors may object to the use of this provocative image, I think an explanation is in order. The comment below the image states: Consider this image as an artistic conception intended to make the point that life begins before birth. I think that comment along with the image's comment, "When did you say life begins?", helps to make the point that whomever created this image desired. Used with these comments, the image shouldn't convey any wrong impressions. If the "artist" had drawn a caricature rather than manipulated a photo, I doubt anyone would find it objectionable. I don't see an artistically different message either way.

I see relevance for the use of the image on this site because of the underlying theme of the site as is stated under its title, CHILDREN DESERVE BIRTH:
The occupant of a pregnant woman's womb is not a "product of conception" or "blob of tissue" or "wad of cells" - she/he is a "person". That person has "the right to life". That "life" already exists and no one has a right to exterminate it. In other words: Children Deserve Birth

I believe the image is being used properly in this context.