When God asks us:

"Why did you kill my babies?"

How will you answer Him?

"It was the woman's right to choose."
"It was the law."
"It wasn't my problem."
"It wasn't my responsibility."
"It wasn't a real baby."
"It was going to ruin her life."
"It wouldn't have been a person until it was born."
"It was a mistake."
"It was inconvenient."
"It was best for the family."
"It wasn't the right time."
"It was politically correct."
"It wasn't my business, it was hers."
"It wasn't a baby, it was a blob."
"She couldn't take care of it."
"She had no one to help her."
"She was in school."
"She's was too young."
"She's was too old."
"The father ran away."
"The fetus wasn't perfect."
"The father refused to pay for it."
"The family didn't want it."
"The mother's life was in danger"
"There was no money."
"There was no other choice."
"I didn't kill your babies, they did."
"I wouldn't have done it, but ..."
"I'm only one person, what could I have done?"

Or will you be among those who can answer:

"I tried my very best to stop it."