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  • Saving four babies at the brink
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  • From the Front Lines in Marin
  • Here in New York City, by Msgr. Reilly (Lent 2003):
    Last Saturday as people prayed [outside of the abortion mill where I normally pray and counsel each day], in spite of inclement weather, many escorts and a more than normal police presence, God showed His power by using Rose Diaz's six hours of sidewalk counseling, Mike Marino's three hours of counseling and my own two hours of assistance to bring about the miraculous results of twenty-one women out of thirty-six leaving the abortion mill still pregnant.
  • A note from our friend at a wonderful pregnancy help center in San Francisco (2/19/03):
    Just within the past hour we had a client come in for baby clothes. She had an abortion scheduled at … and she said that she couldn't go in because someone talked to her on the outside and gave her a brochure to read. The brochure included our Pregnancy Center address … Anyway, she decided not to have an abortion; and it turns out that she's having TWINS! According to her, she was going to take the life of what she thought was one baby and (in her words), "Instead God blessed me with two babies." She lives with her grandmother but other than that she is alone in this pregnancy. We invited her back for any help we can give her. THANK THE LORD! … Thank you and those who sidewalk counsel with you, for your faithfulness. We pray more than anything that these women, along with their babies, would come to Christ.