My Life Depends On You

Mamma, please don't hurt me;
I'm helpless and so small.
If you don't choose to keep me safe,
then I've no one at all.
I'm not a thing to be destroyed -
in private, secretly.
I'm growing here beneath your heart,
I'm real, I'm yours, I'm me!

Perhaps your heart is troubled,
filled with fears or filled with shame.
But Mamma, try to understand;
I'm not the one to blame!
I've never, ever hurt you,
so you've nothing to forgive.
Why should I have to die
before I've had my right to live?

If you can't keep me, Mamma,
it's all right, I'll understand.
But please let someone else reach out
to take my tiny hand.
So many childless couples would
be happy as can be,
If they could but adopt and love
a little one like me.

Remember that when you were just
as small and frail as I,
your mother didn't make the choice
to have her baby die.
You had your chance to live,
so, please let me have my chance, too.
I can't escape; I can't cry out...
My life depends on you!

Your preborn child
S.M.E. Sisters of the Precious Blood
5400 Fort Hamilton Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11219-4037