You who mislead My People
by perverse and wicked laws
that rob the innocent of life,
I ask you to give pause -
When I require your soul
and strict accounting you must give,
do you plan then to tell your God
who should and should not live?
Shall I be swayed by clever phrase,
such as "the right to choose"?
Shall mortal mind for God define
the plan of life to use?
Will loud applause support your cause
as you approach My throne?
Will votes and fame surround your name?
No man, you'll stand alone.
O foolish and deluded ones,
your eyes no longer see
how far you've wandered from the truth,
how far you've strayed from Me.
You've made a law unto yourselves,
you've lost your sense of sin.
No longer do you listen to
the guiding voice within.
To quell abroad the tide of strife
you go to foreign shores,
yet work out laws to kill your own
at home - behind closed doors.
I ask you how in judgment's hour
you'll manage to explain
the loathsome act of suctioning out
a living infant's brain?
And will you then, O mighty man,
dare justify to Me
your laws that kill (and help to kill)
the Sick and Elderly?
You leaders of My People
and all who tear apart
the Moral Law inscribed by Me
on every human heart,
I warn you now, come back, repent,
take heed and mark this well:
The Hand that opens Heaven's door
holds, too, the keys to Hell.
What you have done to others
shall be meted out to you,
And those who dare to close life's door
risk finding Mine closed, too.
You who would lead My People then,
delay not to discover
Your "platforms" must uphold My Law. . .
Sisters of the Precious Blood
5400 Fort Hamilton Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11219-4037